Kids Books, Family Games, and Movies

Are you looking for a good book, board game, or movie to share with the family? Here you can find all of the lists that we've ever compiled on - full of hand-selected items we love. Enjoy - and make sure to let us know what you think!

Kids Book Lists

We’re passionate about reading with our kids at Dad Suggests. Very few things do a better job at sparking the imagination and stoking the fires of a creative and magical childhood than a good book. Below you can scroll through all of our hand-selected lists of kids books - full of our family’s favorite books of all time.

Family Board Game Lists

Family game night is a beloved tradition in our household. Family games can teach our kids so many things - not to mention the precious family bonding time. And, if you find the right theme, games can be the perfect fuel for a child’s imagination. Below you can scroll through every family board game list we’ve ever compiled. The best-of-the-best!

Family Movie Lists

Family movie night is not only a perfect opportunity to come together as a family, but it’s a great chance to share some of your favorite works of art with your kids too. A little nostalgia never hurt anybody. And that’s what makes some of our favorite holiday classics a great way to celebrate the season as well. Below you can scroll through all of our hand-selected family movie lists. All very near and dear to our hearts!